Getting Real & Raw

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Zoe Young from the ‘ United In Motherhood’ series to have a chat about all things motherhood, faith, fitness , anxiety and the daily juggle!

We definitely delved deep and nothing was off limits including my experience of miscarriage.

I thought i’d also let you guys know that I clearly cannot do my maths and the timing of my miscarriages was actually 2 in the space of 8 months (not 5) as it took me around 4 months of trying to fall pregnant again after our first miscarriage.

I remember so many people telling me that their experience after miscarrying was that they fell pregnant straight away which was mot the case for me. I know that 4 months really isn’t very long at all but after going through a loss and so desperately wanting to fall pregnant again it did seem like a long time for me.

I was obviously devastated when at our scan at 14 weeks when we discovered that there was no heartbeat and we lost the baby a second time.

I must say it’s really hard to talk about life experiences like this but I hope those who might be going through something similar will take away something from this interview to help them through those tough times.

K xx