Nakoda's Nursery

So as it turns out that I was not as organised with the second child when compared to the first! I also discovered that I was much more reluctant to move Nakoda out of her bassinet in our bedroom and into her own nursery.

I’m not sure if it was because in the back of my mind I was worried that she may be our last child and I wanted to cling onto the baby stage for as long as I could but I think that definitely delayed the nursery process a little.

Nonetheless at almost 7 months old after much Umming and Ahhing ( and a couple of colour scheme changes along the way) her room was finally complete!

KH High Res Interiors-14.jpg

The Theme:

Nakoda’s nursery was initially going to be in a completely different room all together, but we discovered as the weather began to warm up leading up to Summer that the room was going to be way too warm for a baby. There was also the issue of the room being drenched in sunlight which sounds amazing in most cases but not when it comes to babies and trying to stretch those day time naps out as long as possible. We discovered pretty early on with Sunny that a blacked out room during the day definitely helps with those day sleeps.

KH High Res Interiors-6.jpg

So , with that being said we decided to move her into another room which was was a lot more suitable and also a lot more cosy. The best part of the room in my eyes is the recycled brick feature wall (with hand-picked bricks by myself) Yes that right! My husband who Is a builder actually built our family home while I was pregnant with Sunny in 2014. I would love to claim that the style of our home was all me but my husband is definitely the master mind behind most of the design choices in our house. However, the brick feature walls was definitely my choice and I am still obsessed with them! I love that it gives our home that point of difference, particularly when our home has quite a lot of concrete as well as the oak flooring throughout. With so many nurseries just looking like replicas of one another these days I feel it gives Nakoda’s room a point of difference also.

Initially I was going to make her room a little more girly and then decided on a combination of Scandinavian mixed with earthy tones and a touch of boho!

The room has just the right amount of pink for my liking and the pink tones are more of a blush or mushroom rather than a really “in your face pink”.

The space has a really cosy and warm feel to it and both Nakoda love playing and hanging out in the room whether it be “reading” books or playing with their little musical instruments. Not to mention Nakoda actually sleeps in her room, huge success!


Cot : @danish_by_design @troll_nursery 

Rug: @rugsofbeauty 

Canopy : @thelittleinterior 

Mobile: @handmadedreamingco 

Bedding : @la.lino @7pmlinen 

Artwork : @oliveetoriel @little_leggs @natalie_jade_collective @theapricotmemoirs 

Chair: @homeday_ 

Floor Cushion: @happygoduckystore 

Instruments: @biglittlenoise 

Stuffed toys: @cuddleandkind @miannandco 

Journals: @writetome 

Outfits: @minimarley_kids 

Images by The Palm Co.