My Birth Story

I personally love child birth stories and thought I’d share mine with you.

I love that there is no comparison because the actual beauty in everyone’s story is that not one of them is the same. Just like every woman is so unique and different to the next so is our experience of child birth.

21/12/2014- My due date! The hospital bag was packed and had sat at the front door for the past 3 weeks and being my first pregnancy I was expectant that my bubba was going to cooperate and wasn’t going to be late to the party. However like 95% of pregnancies our little bundle of joy had other ideas and instead was being stubborn and decided he was going to stay put, looking back this was definitely an insight into what his personality was going to be like as a toddler.

Our obstetrician conveniently was going on vacation from Boxing day so I knew that this baby had to get a wriggle on to avoid any intervention, I was anxious about the idea of it  but on the 23rd after there was a decrease in fluid within the sack the decision was made for me to be induced.

I never had a “Birth Plan”, I didn’t want to have any expectations for something I had never experienced, I know meditation and spiritual gurus work for some but I was just hoping I would get there and wing it on the day, which is pretty much what I do with most things in life. In saying that, lucky we did do a birthing class at the hospital beforehand, because as it turned out my husband was actually quite clueless in the female anatomy department and although some of the information scared him I think he was much more empathetic to my experience after that!

What I was hoping for was as much of a natural experience as possible but when you are in that position you certainly will do what’s best for the baby and what you want goes out the door anyway so I was glad that I didn’t have anything mapped out in my head and avoided that disappointment.

So the day before Christmas Eve I checked into the hospital and at 8:30pm we began the process of being induced. The prostaglandin gel was inserted and this was meant to soften the cervix over the next 12-24hrs and bring on contractions. The nurses all said the same thing that the baby most likely wouldn’t arrive to the following evening.

I was placed on an ECG to monitor contractions and the babies heart rate, and my blood pressure was also being watched closely, I was then told to try and get some sleep, like that was going to be possible on the eve of meeting our baby for the first time and with all the gadgets hanging off me It wasn’t exactly comfortable!

Being a public hospital my husband wasn’t allowed to stay over night, which made me quite anxious, not knowing If the baby might just pop out and him miss the whole thing! Throughout the night, while my husband was at home pacing up and down the hallways my contractions had started ,at first it was similar to a period pain and being my first time I was thinking this wasn’t so bad but little did I know what was coming! They progressively got stronger and more frequent and I also grew more and more worried about doing this whole labour thing on my own.

At around 5:30am I called Neil saying that I was in a lot of pain and felt like the baby wasn’t too far off but the nurses just kept insisting that the baby wouldn’t be there until that evening. I ignored them, I knew my body so I told him to come back to the hospital right away. When he arrived they proceeded to tell him that visiting hours were from 10am and he should come back then, thankfully he gave them no choice and said he wouldn’t leave.

Within an hr a nurse checked me and to her surprise she discovered I was 4cm dialated and I felt like saying “I bloody told you so”. I was then moved up to the floor where the delivery suites were located, I don’t really recall a lot of the trip to that floor, It was like I was in and out of consciousness from the pain, there was only very tiny breaks between the contractions which is apparently one of the “joys” of being induced, they were very intense and very frequent. I do recall the part where I vomited all over the floor and then I remember peering into some of the delivery suites that were in the process of being cleaned and seeing blood all over the floors, hearing the screams and thinking it looked like a horror movie and wanted to scream and find the nearest exit!

Sunny 1 .jpg

I was so exhausted already and had no idea how much longer I was going to have to endure the pain. To our disbelief, after our journey up to the delivery suite floor we were told that there wasn’t even a room ready for us yet so instead they sat me on a chair behind their reception desk for the next 40 minutes while I laboured. I remember the noises I was making, I must have sounded like I was a dying cow but meanwhile the hospital staff just continued to carry on as normal, doing their filing and answering the phone. We definitely laugh about it now but at the time my husband probably wanted to kill someone.

sunny 36.jpg

Once I was finally in the my room I attempted a couple of different things to take my mind off the pain, like taking a shower, but nothing seemed to work . All I really wanted to do was assume the fetal positon and groan like I was the dying cow. As much as my husband tried to convince me to take the pain relief I was adamant that I was capable of doing it drug-free and reframed, mainly because I am stubborn as hell. Meanwhile he was totally sneaking the happy gas himself.

At this point my water still hadn’t broken, and the nurse said they would most likely have to manually do it but she wanted to wait a while. So while she was waiting the pain was increasing and I told her at around 9am that I felt like I needed to push. She then asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom (sorry if it’s too much info) she wanted to know had I done number 2s since the day before and I said I hadn’t and she suggested trying to, I sat on the toilet for a minute and I just knew if I pushed the baby was going to end up head first in the toilet so I chose not to take her advice, which was a wise call looking back.

Around 20 minutes later I was checked, and the surprised nurse said “Your babies got hair” next minute I was on the bed, our OB arrived in just in the nick of time and after around only 25 minutes of pushing our beautiful little Sunny was born. (No idea what happened to my waters because I definitely didn’t notice them break) I held Sunny in my arms for what felt like half and hr before we actually investigated and discovered our baby was a little boy, Neil couldn’t have been prouder.

sunny 3.jpg

And just like that I discovered that pure bliss that you could not even attempt to measure that totally out-weighed anything my body and mind had endured over the last 12 hrs. It was the most magical moment of my life to finally meet this little human who had been growing inside my womb for the past 9 months, and although I was only seeing him for the first time, It was like I already knew him.

Written by Krystal Hipwell

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