Our Daily Routine

Our Daily Routine – If you can call it that!

Prior to having children I was one of those weirdos who absolutely lived for routine! I thrived on predictability and much to my husband’s distaste I was actually my happiest doing the same thing day-in, day-out!

The hardest thing for me to adjust to when we had Sunny was the fact that I couldn’t just get up and go for a walk or a work out at the crack of dawn. All of a sudden there was feeding, and dressing , not to mention the poo explosions and/or the projectile vomits coincidentally almost every time I went to walk out of the door . All of a sudden someone else’s needs were more important.

As much as my pre-child every day lifestyle changed I discovered that Sunny was similar to me and also thrived on predictability and pretty soon I had implemented a very strict routine thanks to a book called “Save Our Sleep”. Obviously every child (and every parent) is different but we found that routine really worked for us and we kept this up until he was around 2 years old. There were plenty of parties and social gatherings that I just simply wouldn’t attend for the fear of my whole world potentially crumbling just because he missed a sleep. I can admit it now I definitely went a little OTT with it all.


Fast forward to Nakoda and I am somewhat more of a “carefree” mother who really isn’t too concerned whether or not her baby has had X amount of hours sleep per day and not completely consumed by trying to follow a book or a routine.

I’ll admit that she is a much easier baby when I compare her to Sunny but sometimes I wonder if it was actually me and my anxiety rubbing off onto our poor boy? I guess we will never know but one thing I do know he is a little bit OCD which is probably my fault. 

With your second it is a lot harder to have a routine in place because you are out and about and more social in order to keep the eldest busy and stimulated, so between playdates, activities, daycare drop offs and pick ups Nakoda gets woken up A LOT. The poor thing is constantly having little cat naps because of this.

Anyway, here is a rough idea of an ordinary day in the life of our family at the moment . I don’t know if you can call it a routine but in an ideal world this is how a good day would go down for us!


5:30am- I naturally wake up at this time. For some reason my body clock will not let me sleep in  (normally both Sunny and Nakoda will be asleep still)  Somehow after having them both wake up between 4:30-6 am they have now managed to stretch that out to around 6:30am most mornings. I have thankfully always been a morning person which helped when I became a mum. Normally I will use this hour before they wake up to respond to emails and msgs

6:30am- lately Nakoda is the first child to wake, my husband will also normally be up at this time and leave for work shortly after. 

I have never really been a breakfast person (besides when I am pregnant) When I wake up I normally have just water with cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar and turmeric. I’ll also some days have something light like a fresh veggie juice with a small amount of fruit , other days I will have a natural protein ball and of course I can’t live without my coffee!

Sunny will normally wake sometime between 6:45 and 7am and for the next hour and a half I am basically feeding everyone and then getting them dressed. Nakoda normally has a bottle when she first wakes and then her baby porridge (rice cereal) shortly after.

In between doing this I will try and put on a load of washing and make sure its hung out before we leave the house.

Also just a tip- I almost ALWAYS do a little dinner prep in the morning . I know it sounds crazy to start doing dinner when its only breakfast time but I have just found that this is what really works for me because the evenings are just crazy busy!

Normally the food I will prep in the morning will be some roast veggies as well as the grains/carbs we will have with our dinner that night, eg: quinoa , brown rice, or noodles. 


8:30am- It really depends on what day of the week it is but I will either drop Sunny to daycare and head to the gym for a 45-60 minute workout. If it’s not a daycare day I will occasionally take both children with me to the gym and pop them in the crèche for an hr but I normally find that a home workout is easier when I have the two of them. I will normally set Sunny and Nakoda up on a play mat with some toys or Sunny will watch some TV ( while Nakoda watches Sunny) for an hour. If Nakoda looks tired I might even put her in her cot to have a little sleep.

Photo 5-12-18, 1 35 17 pm.jpg

 I do find that it’s much easier to get distracted when you are training at home and there is a lot more stopping to settle the kids so it can sometimes take a little longer to get my workout done but I try and resist the urge to do any housework in between sets which is easier said than done some days, especially when the house looks like a bomb has hit it thanks to a crazy 4 year old.

I normally try and exercise 4-5 times per week , whether it be a circuit at home, weight training at the gym or just a walk to the park with the kids. I normally refuel with my Happy Way plant based protein straight after training.

10:30am- We will either head to the park for a play date, or a coffee catch up with friends who also have children,  or one of Sunny’s activites like Swimming or Soccer depending on what day the week it is.  Nakoda will normally have another bottle around this time and if she hasn’t already had a morning sleep she will most likely just sleep in the pram while we are out and about.

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Midday- We will normally try and be home around this time for lunch. Occassioanlly we might have lunch out or a picnic at the park but I try to get home by around this time so we can have a healthy lunch at home. I much prefer eating my own food when I am trying to be healthy. That way I know exactly what is going into it. Most days I will whip up a healthy salad and sometimes I will also throw in a few of those ingredients from the dinner prep that I have done earlier in the morning. Nakoda will also have her solids (eg:  a vegetable puree)  and some water when we have our lunch.  I like the idea of us all eating together and I think it’s important to establish those rituals where we all come together and eat, but a lot of the time its me feeding everyone else and then I feed myself last which is probably 99.9% of mums around the world. 

1:30pm- I try to encourage Sunny to have some quiet time and maybe put on a movie or TV show he likes and I will then give Nakoda another bottle and try and then put her down for a little sleep in her room. Up until quite recently I was pretty slack with this and  I would find she would just fall asleep wherever but I have definetly noticed as she has gotten older that If I don’t physically put her in her room away from Sunny she can get over stimulated and there is no way she will sleep. But in saying that, some days things go to plan and then other days they just don’t. I used to let that really get to me with Sunny but with Nakoda I just go with the flow and remind myself that it’s not the end of the world just because she didn’t sleep that day.

if Nakoda does go down at around 1:30pm she will normally sleep for around 2 hours give or take.

If Nakoda does go to sleep I will use that time to actually do something with Sunny if he is at home that day. We will usually do arts and crafts, a puzzle or something creative together. We started doing this a bit before Nakoda came along and I think it’s just one of those things that he really appreciates, having that one-on-one time together. We will also usually go for a swim in our pool of an afternoon throughout Summer.

If Sunny is in daycare I might answer some emails, work on the blog, do some other housework or aimlessly scroll through Instagram (just being honest)

I find that through Summer we try and do most of our social things and any form of exercise earlier in the day when it’s a bit cooler. During the cooler months we might go for a walk to the park In the afternoon.

4pm- Let the madness begin! 

Every mum know that between 4pm and 7pm is absolute chaos! I normally start dinner at around this time, having already prepped in the morning normally means I only have to throw a salad together and maybe put on some meat for the boys. I make Nakoda’s food in large batches and freeze so I simply have to defrost hers as I go.

My husband will normally get home around this time or sometimes earlier as he ocassionally works from home

5pm- Dinner Time! 

5:30pm- Bath/ shower Time – Sometimes this gets dragged out until 6:30pm because some days little people just do not cooperate. Most of the time I will clean up from dinner while my husband bathes the kids.


Then afterwards I will read anywhere between 1- 200 books to Sunny in his room and Nakoda will also sit in bed with us and read. This is one of my favourite parts of the day

7:30pm- Sunny will go to sleep any time between 7pm-8pm lately depending on how long the protest lasts. I’m also currently finding it a lot harder with daylight savings! I will then give Nakoda her last bottle for the night and also put her down to bed.

Up until about a month ago I was still giving her a dream feed at around 9:30-10pm but one night I just randomly didn’t give it to her and she somehow made it through the night without waking so I haven’t done the dream feed since.

I am still in shock that she actually sleeps through the night after having to do so much intense sleep training with Sunny and now witnessing her just figure it out for herself. It would appear that sleep comes more naturally to some babies. Nakoda actually started off so much worse than Sunny when we first brang her home from the hospital and for the first few months she was waking around 5-6 times most nights.

Photo 16-1-19, 11 06 47 am.jpg

Sleep is one of those precious things that we certainly took for granted before having kids and I’m still in that stage of thinking I might jinx it by even talking about it but for now everything is going good in the sleep department. Well for Nakoda anyway! Meanwhile Sunny is still wetting the bed most nights… I swear if its not one child then it’s the other!

8pm- By around 8pm I am normally curling up on the couch with a biscuit and cup of tea!

I’ll then usually pop up a post and be on Insta for around an hour before phones down and my husband and I finally have a chance to talk. We hadn’t actually been able to log onto our Netflix for the past month which has actually been a blessing in disguise and good to get back to that old fashioned form of communication, aka an actual conversation!

10pm – Bed Time!

Written by Krystal Hipwell