Our Visit to Bump Day Spa


Phone: (02) 9090 2824
Address: 3/6 Manning Road, Double Bay NSW



On Valentines day my husband and I visited the beautiful Bump Day Spa , where we were treated to their Babymoon Package, an absolutely blissful 2.5 hr experience that consisted of a foot and leg bath, full body massage and a facial!

All of the spa’s treatments use completely organic products, so there’s no nasties, this is something that is really appealing to me as I am super conscious of what I apply to my skin, particularly during pregnancy.

From the moment you step into the spa you immediately feel the relaxing and peaceful ambience that they have created. We were greeted with a refreshing drink and then stripped off into their gorgeous blush pink linen robes! I found this quite amusing to see my husband in one of these.


The treatment began with their feet and leg ritual which was so relaxing. Then it was time for the massage, both mine and Neil’s massage treatments were personalised, tailored to our needs and focusing on certain areas that were requiring extra attention.

Having a massage therapist that specialises in pregnancy massage is very reassuring as they know the pressure points to avoid and it’s obviously a lot safer. I had been experiencing some rather painful sciatica down my right side making laying in certain positions for extended periods quite uncomfortable but thankfully the massage therapist was completely aware of the adjustments that she had to make to make me feel comfortable.

Neil’s treatment was a bit more of a guy’s treatment with a deep tissue massage, a facial and a good old back scrub.


The 2.5 hrs flew by with both of us drifting in and out of consciousness. This was actually the first time I had ever fallen asleep during a massage, I was just so completely relaxed that I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Following the treatment we were invited to sit in the lounge area and enjoy a pot of herbal tea and some healthy snacks, like chocolate coated ginger and nuts, some of my favourite things!

My husband and are't the most romantic couple so this was something really special for us to do together. It was so nice for us to take some time out, just the two of us without Sunny before our next little one comes along

I am certainly not going to wait until I am pregnant again to visit, this is something that I could see myself indulging in pregnant or not. What I really look forward to is going back and trying their post-natal package once this bubba is born and I can reward myself and my body for all that hard work and be able to escape for a couple hours.

Written by Krystal Hipwell