In January this year my husband and I booked a spur of the moment trip to Fiji for our Babymoon. We decided to take our 3 year old son so we could spend some quality time with him before his baby sister arrives.

Where We Stayed:

Fiji Marriott- Momi Bay

Located on the western coast of Fiji. The resort is a 45-minute drive from Port Denarau, and a 45-minute drive from Nadi International Airport

The resort is beautiful, clean and the staff are lovely. It is quite remote, but if you purely just want to chill out, and unwind and have no real desire to leave the resort then it’s absolutely perfect. At the time of our stay it was quiet as school holidays had just came to an end so at times we had parts of the resort all to ourselves.

Our Villa:


We chose to stay in one of the Villa/duplex suites located along the man-made lagoon as opposed to one of the over-water bungalows. I thought that it just seemed like a better option as far as eliminating the chance of Sunny falling over board at any given moment.

The suite was very spacious with high ceilings and a free standing bath, separate to the shower. We had a door that opened up to our own private balcony situated on the side of the lagoon.

The Food:

We got a really great deal through My Fiji for our flights and accommodation and it also included the daily buffet breakfast but all other meals were additional. The meals and particulary the alchohol are a little on the expensive side. The standard price for a beer or a glass of wine was around $19 AUD , but obviously being pregnant that didn’t bother me.

With the resort being so remote, unless you are prepared to travel 45 minutes, you are basically limited to just eating within the resort.

There is a great variety of food, with 4 different restaurant/café options within the resort. One of the restaurants has a buffet of an evening and each nigh it was a different theme, such as Fijian, Asian, International. The local style cuisine was absolutely delicious and I was pleasantly surprised by the big Indian influence that their food had with loads of curries always on offer.

The dessert bar at the buffet is insane, including chocolate fountains and so many different types of cakes and fruits.

We ended up eating at the buffet quite a few nights, lucky for me I had the whole excuse of eating for 2! Kids also eat free at the buffet so that was an added bonus, mind you I don’t think a 3 year old can make much of a dent in that size spread.

The resort’s seafood restaurant which is positioned overlooking Momi Bay had absolutely stunning views and a more fine-dining menu, so a little more expensive.



There were several pools throughout the resort, as well as the man-made lagoon that the whole resort is situated around. There is also an adults only pool, a kids pool and another pool with a bar.

Children’s Entertainment:

Aside from the the kids pool there is also the Kids club that has a huge play park with swings and slides as well as an indoor area with different toys and activities.

The Kids club is no additional cost and is manned for most of the day and the staff in there were incredible and so lovely.

The Fitness Centre:

I always love to train when I am on vacation. The gym at the resort was conveniently located right next door to the kids club which made it a little easier knowing that we were able to sneak a look in every now and then to see that Sunny was happy and of course he was absolutely fine. The gym had all the basic essentials, free weights, a cable machine, rowers, treadmills and ellipticals.

The Spa:

In my eyes the spa menu was outragelously priced , however my husband and I still ended up getting 2 massages on the more rainy days that we were staying at the resort. The treatments themselves were quite good however I have never been coated in so much coconut oil in my life.

Day Trips:


There are plenty different trips you can take that depart frequently throughout the day from from Port Denarau. We took a day trip out to Mala Mala Beach Club which was a short 25 minute boat ride to a small remote tropical Island. This was one of the highlights of our holiday and I would highly recommend it. There is a pool, bar and restaurant on the Island. You can hire beach cabanas for the day and the snorkelling and other water activities are free. We had a great time expoloring the island and snorkelling before Sunny unfortunately injured himself and we had to head back to the mainland.





1.   Passports- Make sure your passports are up to date and your children actually have one! Might sound like common knowledge but I completely overlooked this MAJOR detail until a family member reminded me that Sunny would need one in order to travel overseas, Duh! Luckily with the express processing , it only took a few working days to arrive in the mail. 

2.   Technology- Okay so normally I am not keen on screen time for my son, but after the flight over to Fiji I had definitely changed my tune. The trip from Sydney to Nadi airport is only around 4.5 hrs, we flew with Jetstar and unfortunately there was no in-flight entertainment. I had initially thought that packing Sunny some crayons, paper and books would get us over the line, but really it got us about 30 minutes in to the trip until meltdown a’clock began and I was regretting not bringing the ipad for around the next 4 hrs!!! Even if you don’t normally I would definetly recommend bringing the ipad or some form of technology to save your marbles!

3.   The Wet Season- So the wet season for Fiji is from November to April, with our trip being the start of Feb we knew that it was a bit of a risk weather wise however I would say it was pretty much 50/50, it rained just as much as there was perfect Sunny weather. Perhaps we got lucky but I personally wouldn’t let travelling within the wet season deter you. We actually found that the rain provided some relief from the hot temps and humidity. If you are travelling to Fiji in the wet season, carry an umbrella on you at all times! One minute the sun is scorching hot and there doesn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky and then next minute it is bucketing down. We learnt pretty quickly that the weather forcast in Fiji was far from accurate. Also, I probably wouldn’t bother packing and expensive shoes for this same reason, I had packed a few different options but ended up living mainly in good old rubber Havaianas/thongs the whole time because you are literally walking around in puddles A LOT!

4.   Wear sunscreen ALWAYS! The UV in Fiji is brutal, I learnt the hard way on the second day in to our stay. Even though the sun is only shining off and on and a lot of the day can be quite overcast, I discovered It’s still possible to get really burnt in Fiji.

5.   Insect repellent- There are a lot of mosquitos in Fiji. I am normally one of those people that don’t get bitten but with the Zika virus having surfaced in parts of Fiji over the years I was on high alert! If you are travelling over to Fiji and are also pregnant I would suggest seeking advice from your doctor beforehand. As well as wearing insect repellent, my doctor also advised me to steer clear of perfume while in Fiji as apparently the mosquitos can be attracted to the scent, you should apparently also avoid going out at dusk and dawn and if you do wear loose covered clothing to minimise the chances of being bitten.

6.   Pack a Floatie- or a bubble for your child/ren if they are not a strong swimmer. Seriously ,this was the best thing we packed, I was so glad we threw this in last minute. With Sunny not being the best swimmer and with large bodies of water everywhere you looked at our resort it definitely gave us peace of mind. He pretty much had it glued to him 80% of the time!

7.   Water- the 1litre bottles of water at our resort cost around $15 FJD each, which is around $10 AUD. If you are anything like our family, we were going through around 6 of these a day which adds up! When we went into the main town we bought in bulk and a 1 litre only cost around $2FJD which was a lot more cost effective.

8.   Travelling Outside the Resorts- we only ventured into the main town Nadi twice, which was around a 40 minute drive from our resort. We wanted to experience the culture and explore the local shops and markets. Although there was a lot to see, it could potentially be quite dangerous if you didn’t have your wits about you. We got followed by several over-eager shop keepers that basically attempt to pull you into their stalls. Although most of the locals are absolutely lovely, I think the lack of tourism outside the resorts in the low seasons may send some people into desperation to get your business and can come across as somewhat aggressive. I probably wouldn’t recommend wandering the streets of Nadi if you had a large group of children as it is very busy, but if you are up for an adventure perhaps boking a local guide through your resort would be a good idea! There are also group tours at most resorts that take you to the more remote local villages. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to do one of these but apparently they are amazing!