My Abs Circuit

Featured in this clip are some of my FAVOURITE abdominal exercises at the moment!

I have been doing most of these exercises since my 6 week check up post baby!

Although I was cleared from having diastasis recti (abdominal separation) I have been mindful of avoiding crunches and sit ups in order to avoid building excess abdominal pressure. Since giving birth to my second child I have been focused on trying to rebuild my pelvic floor strength early on by ensuring that it is engaged throughout my workouts as well as in my every day life when it comes to picking up my children or lifting objects around the house.

Also KEGELS, KEGELS, KEGELS!!! I cannot stress to you how much these have saved me this time around! After my son, almost 4 years ago now I completely neglected these because I was so immersed in “baby land” that I forgot about myself. Needless to say I suffered bladder leakage problems for nearly 2 years postpartum, now only 5 months after giving birth to my baby girl I can skip and jump without any issues. There’s still room for improvement , particularly when it comes to my pelvic-floor endurance but I have realised the importance of these exercises when comparing my recovery time after each of my babies.

All of the exercises in this clip should be safe postpartum, provided you have been given doctors clearance and the exercises are performed with correct technique, however please note: I do not recommend the exercises shown in this clip in the standard planking position if you have suffered diastasis recti, the side planking options would be preferable, and if need be please regress the side planks to your knees bent on the exercise mat.

I normally complete 2-3 rounds x 45 seconds of each of these exercises , with a 15 second rest in between (ensuring you swap sides with the side plank exercises)

Make sure you listen to your body, be kind to it and thankful to it for all that it has done for you!