Postpartum Total Body Workout

Postpartum Total Body Workout

This workout has been broken up into 3 x different Circuits, with each circuit taking a total of 12 minutes to complete. You could either do 1, 2 or all 3 depending on how much time you have! 

Exercise Breakdown Below;

Focusing on each area for 45 seconds - Lower Body, Upper Body, Cardio, then abdominal work!

(Tip: I like to use a boxing timer app on my phone for this style of training)

Work time: 45 secs

Rest time : 15 seconds

Repeat Each Circuit x 3 before moving to the next one

Circuit #1

Squat/Squat Pulse

Bent Over Dumbbell Fly 

Burpee/Regressed Burpee

Standing Abdominal Crunch

Circuit #2


Bicep Cur l- Shoulder Press

Mountain Climbers 

Plank Hold

Circuit #3

Curtsey Lunge

Tricep Press

Kick Sits

Alternating Single leg Toe Taps

NOTE: I am 12 weeks postpartum in this video. If you are also postpartum or pregnant please ensure that you have doctors’ clearance prior to resuming or beginning exercise.