You don’t have to leave your lounge room, your clingy toddler or even the floor for this one! 


•Side plank/side raise with front sweep x 12-15.

•Clams x 12-15.

(Then turn to other side and repeat these 2 exercises on the opposite leg).

•Side leg raises back x 10, centre x 10, front x 10 

(Then turn to other side and repeat on opposite leg) 

•Single leg Glute bridge x 12-15 each side.

•Donkey kicks x 12-15 each leg each side.

•Posterior Glute bridge x 12- 15.

•Kneeling squats (Toddler optional) x 12-15.

REPEAT IN REVERSE (start at last exercise and work back to the first)

Note: if you are also pregnant please ensure you have doctor’s clearance and take as much rest time as you need in between exercises