Fitness Clip: Babymoon Booty Workout

Complete this circuit 3-4 times through with or without a resistance band!

You can do this workout absolutely anywhere and of course you don’t have to be pregnant, TRUST ME- your butt is still going to burn and you will still get your sweat on.

Workout Breakdown below:

• Squat + Side Leg raises (alternating legs) x 12
• Low range squat pulses x 12
• Squat Jumps (or regular full range squats) x 12
• Standing Kickbacks x 12 each leg
• Crab walks x 6- 10 down/ 6- 10 back

IMPORTANT: If you are pregnant make sure you listen to your body and take as much rest as needed. Please ensure you also get clearance beforehand from your doctor/ obstetrician for this type of training!