Getting Swimsuit Ready For Summer - My Top Tips!

Here are my top tips and tricks when it comes to getting “Swimsuit Ready” for Summer!

Brought to you by Sunseeker & David Jones, Written By Krystal Hipwell.

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Tee up a regular weekly training session with a friend or relative at the gym or just take advantage of getting outside in the fresh air now that it’s warming up and go for a walk with a friend! As a busy mum sometimes it can be hard to find time to exercise let alone catch up with your girlfriends for a good old yarn so I figure I’ll try and be efficient and do both at the same time. Meeting a friend will definitely hold you more accountable when it comes to getting to the gym on time for that workout or walk and it’s always the best excuse to have a coffee and a catch up while you’re at it! 


By “Rubbish” I mean actual rubbish, simply by reducing packaged foods you can reduce your intake of salt, sugar as well as trans fats and saturated fats! Not to mention a bunch of colours and preservatives, majority of which won’t do you any good! I’m not a nutritionist but I can definitely vouch for how different my body feels and functions when I am consuming less of these foods. I find that when I eat less packaged and processed foods and replace it with more fresh foods I tend to have less bloating and feel less sluggish. Which results in being more active and having more energy when it comes to exercise and getting in shape for summer! 



I don’t know about you but personally I find that when I need that extra bit of motivation to get back into training after some time off that investing in some new active wear always makes you feel more confident! I find I spend the majority of my time in active wear, even on the days where I may not even get to the gym so I think it’s one of those things that you can afford to spend a little more on for the right support and quality! When It comes to purchasing new swimwear for summer, opt for something that is both practical, comfortable and high quality. Make sure you shop for your body shape and not someone else’s. It’s all about finding what works best for your figure and compliments your best assets. At the moment I am loving one-pieces, not only are they perfect for holding you in nicely around your midsection but they are also very practical especially for running around after children at the beach! Tip: I find that a high waisted cut two pieces are generally more flattering, especially post baby! The same applies for leggings/active wear!

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Spend less time in the gym but become more efficient with your training! I think there is a big misconception that we need to spend hours slugging away at the gym to get the “perfect summer body” and what I hear most from people is that they are “too busy” to exercise. My response to that it that something is always better than nothing, even if you can only squeeze in a 20 minute circuit in your living room that is better than sitting on your butt watching TV! For me a normal sessions is around 30-45 minutes either at home or in the gym and consists of weight training and functional movements as well as short bursts of cardio. However on those days where I am finding it challenging to workout with 2 children in tow - I will opt for a circuit style session at home and I set a timer so that I don’t slack off in between sets. With a lot less time on my hands these days, for me it’s all about training smarter and harder in a shorter period of time and I find that my body responds really well to this style of training. Tip: ALWAYS try to avoid looking at your phone while exercising, it can be the biggest thief when it comes to time!

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