Fitness Clip : Backyard Booty Workout

This is a circuit style session that can be done indoors or outdoors focusing on the glutes and lower body! 

EXERCISE NOTES:The resistance band is optional, for the last exercise in clip (single-leg side step up) use a secure fitness step if you do not have a fixed bench like in clip.

PLEASE NOTE: I am 12 weeks pregnant in this clip however I have been cleared by my Obstetrician for this type of training. If you are currently pregnant please ensure you seek medical clearance from your doctor and/or obstetrician before performing any type of training/exercise.

 I would regularly perform these exercises during my first pregnancy with my son, and am comfortable and familiar with them. Please do not attempt to begin this style of training if you have not done it prior to becoming pregnant.

Don't forget to listen to your body!                               

I hope you enjoy this session!