A Little Bit About Me


Welcome to my world!

This is an insight into my life as a Woman, a Mother and a Wife!

I look forward to sharing my workouts, recipes & adventures with you all. Along with my life experiences & the daily struggles that we all face in this busy world of juggling Mum-life, Social-life, Work-life and the rest!

What I Love

My Family are My Everything, I have been beyond blessed to have such an amazing, devoted husband & such a beautiful and healthy little boy and now a little girl. Being a good Mother & Wife is most important to me. I strive to be a strong, encouraging, nurturing and loving female figure in our little family.

What I'm Passionate About

Being a personal trainer and a self-confessed exercise addict, for the past 10 years I have lived a healthy lifestyle, how I train and the food I eat is exactly that, its a lifestyle! I don't follow crazy diets that encourage you to cut out carbohydrates or anything like that, I just believe in BALANCE! I  don't train every day but I do aim to be doing something active every day, that could even just be playing a game with my son or chasing him around the park. I aim to do 3-5 workouts a week, sometimes I get to the gym and sometimes it's easier to squeeze in a quick 30 minute session at home.

When I was younger I had a terrible relationship with the way I looked, I was never happy and would always compare myself to others. The more I tried to starve myself I would only end up more depressed and depleted, that would then lead to binge eating and then me feeling even worse about myself. I'm passionate about helping other women conquer these bad habits and mindsets and have a healthier relationship with their body and how they see themselves.

How I eat now is to nourish and fuel my body, rather than to punish it. If I do eat something naughty and skip a few days of training I don't beat myself up, Instead I now understand that tomorrow is a new day, I will just have to make sure I train that little bit harder and have a healthier couple of days to make up for it.

My recipes are meals that I have come up with that my family and I enjoy. I don't document the amount of calories or fat in them, all I know Is I try and put as much of the good stuff & the colourful stuff in them as possible (I'm talking about fruit and veggies) & the less packaged and the more fresh ingredients the better!

I train because I love the feeling I get from exercise, I actually love to sweat, I love feeling strong and I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I master a new exercise or increase my weights.

My Faith

Without my faith I would not be the person that I am today.

Throughout my teens and early twenties I struggled from anxiety, a prescription medicine dependency and self-worth issues and I can only give all credit to God for the work that has taken place in and through me. I now have a peace in my heart and a brighter outlook on my life and my future.


Written by Krystal Hipwell